Jacob standing in the foreground in an orange jumper, with a city landscape behind him.


Hi, I'm Jacob. I'm a front end web developer based in London, UK.

I love designing websites and making them look good. If I'm not building something for a client, I'm coding for fun and learning new technologies.

I know HTML, CSS and JavaScript (ES6). I have a basic knowledge of React, and have built a few simple projects with this framework. Other technologies I've used include jQuery, SCSS, GSAP, and Bootstrap. I'm always excited about learning new languages; I'm currently learning PHP and MySQL.

My interests are multi-faceted; graphic design, web design, and animation occupy most of my spare time. When I'm away from the desktop you'll most likely find me playing chess, tennis, cycling in the great outdoors, or reading sci-fi novels.


Learn Chess


A simple single page application built with React. A basic introduction to chess rules and how the pieces move.

Wallington Chess Club

Image of Wallington Chess Club website.

A website built for Wallington Chess Club. Built using HTML, CSS, and a sprinkle of JavaScript.

Weather App

Image of weather-app project.

A weather app built using JavaScript and the fetch API to present current temperature and sunrise/sunset data for a user entered location.

Chess Trainer

Image of chess-app project.

An app designed to improve speed and accuracy on the chess board. Built with HTML, CSS & JavaScript.


Want to know more? You can follow my projects on Github, or my doodles on Codepen to see what I'm up to. You can also drop me a message via email, Twitter, or LinkedIn.