Jacob standing in the foreground in an orange jumper, with a city landscape behind him.


Hi, I'm Jacob. I'm a front end web developer based in London, UK.

I love designing websites and making them look good. If I'm not working on any projects, I'm coding for fun and learning new technologies.

I know HTML, CSS and JavaScript (ES6). I have a basic knowledge of React, and have built a few simple projects with this framework. Other technologies I've used include jQuery, SCSS, GSAP, and Bootstrap. I'm always excited about learning new languages; I'm currently learning PHP and MySQL.

My interests are multi-faceted; graphic design, web design, and animation occupy most of my spare time. When I'm away from the desktop you'll most likely find me playing chess, tennis, cycling in the great outdoors, or reading sci-fi novels.


Links to some of my projects can be found below. The rest of my projects can be viewed on my GiHub profile.

Learn Chess


A simple single page application built with React. A basic introduction to chess rules and how the pieces move.

Chess Speed Trainer

Image of Wallington Chess Club website.

A training tool for chess players to improve their speed and accuracy. Built with Vanilla JavaScript

Guitar Tuner

Guitar Tuner App

An app designed for tuning your guitar. Features custom themes. Fretboard made from pure CSS.

Weather App

Image of weather-app project.

A weather app built using JavaScript and the fetch API to present current temperature and sunrise/sunset data for a user entered location.


"To teach is to learn twice". With this in mind, I like to create tutorials on programming concepts that I have struggled with to help others like me and to solidify my understanding of particular topics. All my output can be accessed on my blog homepage.

Create a Pop-Up Modal with CSS & JavaScript


Pop up modals are a great way of providing additional information to users without taking up any extra space occupied by your main content. Amongst other things, they can be used for displaying game settings, gathering user data (such as an email add...

How to Toggle Dark Mode


Dark mode is a really cool feature that's typically used to switch between a "light" and "dark" version of your website, and it's surprisingly simple to implement. To achieve this feature, you need to create additional CSS classes that will contain t...

Understanding The 'this' Keyword In JavaScript


The this keyword in JavaScript refers to the owner of a function. You can also see it as the object that a function is contained in. Where that function is declared determines what this means. This blog post is going to look at what this means and ho...

Toggle Classes On Click Using JavaScript


Changing the appearance of HTML elements when a user performs an action (for example, by clicking on a button) is one of the easiest ways we can add interactivity to our projects. In this tutorial, we are going to build a simple project that will cha...

Create a Flip Card Using CSS


Flip cards are a great way to inject some fun into your website or application whilst simultaneously improving the user experience for your visitors. It's also really simple: all you need is four HTML div elements and 5 CSS rules. In this tutorial, w...


Want to know more? You can follow my projects on Github, or my doodles on Codepen to see what I'm up to. You can also drop me a message via email, Twitter, or LinkedIn.